It´s a wrap - the first flat wine bottle is here

Meet Garçon Wines - The company behind
the first flat wine bottle

What is “innovation” for you?

In my view and in a commercial sense, innovation is either the advancement of an existing product or service to solve a recognised problem where the results from the development offer meaningful benefits to key stakeholders [of that product or service], or the introduction of a totally new product or service to meaningfully improve the lives of key stakeholders [of that product or service] in a way that the majority of them never considered possible.  

How does Garçon Wines stand out from other products?
Garçon Wines is the inventor of 21st century, sustainable wine packaging solutions, led by eco, flat wine bottles and supported by innovative transit cases. The multi award-winning wine bottles from Garçon Wines offer the beauty of round, glass bottles, the functionality of bag-in-box, and a new benchmark of true sustainability not offered by other wine primary packaging. For these reasons, Garçon Wines stands out from other wine packaging products as it fits perfectly as a solution for a 21st century world, unlike other products which, in my view, are stuck in bygone eras.

What do you think the wine bottle will look like 20 years ahead?
I spend much time envisioning what the drinks supply chain (from production to retailing to consumption to recycling) will look like in 5 and 10 years’ time, and sometimes even as far off as 2050. Wine is just one of these drinks, and the most emotional and engaging, which is why we build the foundation of our business from it. Bottles and packaging are a means to achieve more efficient, effective and sustainable supply chains.

Therefore, the definition and design of drinks bottles, including wine bottles, should be informed by the forward-thinking vision for the forecasted future supply chain of the specific drink. If I was to detail my vision for wine bottles 20 years ahead, then I would need to disclose many of our trade secrets which is not advisable for our commercial success. What I can share, is that wine bottles in 10 years’ time will look much more similar to our present-day Garçon Wines eco, flat bottles, than they will look like the status quo round, glass bottles do today. And if you follow the activities of my company, from 2030 to 2040, then you will be among the first to see what wine bottles look like in 20 years’ time. However, 20 years ahead, we will cover significantly more than just wine and packaging. Our future sights are clearly set on supply chain innovations for the wider drinks industry.

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