We are FATH. Our headquarters are located in Spalt in the Franconian Lake District, but our home is everywhere around the world. Our locations, with over 450 employees, can be found in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the USA, the People’s Republic of China, Hungary, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Brazil. Our solutions are present on shop floors across the globe. For over 30 years, our products have been exactly where reliability, extensive choice, and even greater flexibility matter. We think outside the box and thus help simplify people’s work lives. And all of this reliably from a single source. ENRICH YOUR WORKING LIFE.

Our vast range of mechanical engineering components and hardware has made us well-known. However, beyond that, we develop easily applicable solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s shop floors with expertise and decades of experience. This includes LEAN products for visualization, open-system automated logistic technologies for warehouses under the brand Flowsort, as well as smart access control systems like TANLock.

We see ourselves as drivers of innovation. We develop intelligent system solutions in the production environment that are accessible to all and positively transform the work lives of millions of people.


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Over 1,100 pages of specially thought-out components, new products and ideas for employees and the shop floor. The encyclopedia if you want to place, swing, close, move, fasten, hold, cover or connect something on the shop floor.

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