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Lean your production processes in a simple way with the FATH parking rails. The parking rails mark the exact parking positions for dollies or in-house trolleys.
By driving onto the rails, each employee automatically parks the wagons always accurately at the right position.
The required material is thus immediately available in the movement and gripping space of the assembly worker – targeted, structured and always in the right quantity. Even when robots are used, the parking rails ensure precise material supply. A waste of space is avoided by the orderly use of the floor and adjoining processes are not disturbed due to the low construction height of 6 to 10 millimetres – if no drollies are parked, the space can be freely used. High loads, such as driving over with industrial trucks, are no problem for the robust aluminum rails.
The aluminum parking rails from FATH are underside coated with a high-performance industrial glue that guarantees extremely high adhesion. Remove the protective film, lay on the parking rails, stick the rails onto the floor over their entire surface – that‘s it! Small uneven areas in the floor and expansion gaps are compensated by the adhesive. The different height versions of the parking rails are designed for the different loads of the dollies. This insures easy maneuvering into and out of parking spaces, as well as providing a firm restraint for lighter and heavier dollies. Low resistance when positioning dollies ensures smooth workflows that are gentle on the back.

Precise positioning of dollies and wagons
Clear order in material management
Efficient use of space
More safety in the shopfloor area
Easy installation: place, glue down, ready to use
One-piece signal end caps are separately available

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