Sponsorship & Stand solutions

Stand solutions

We have smart stand solutions with a basic idea that it should be simple, fun and efficient to exhibit. Therefore, your stand will be ready when you arrive. This means that you instead can focus on what you are actually here to do – business!

Classic Stand

Classic are stands up to 36 sqm.

  • Floor
  • White walls
  • Carpet
  • One spotlight/4 sqm
  • Two chairs
  • A table
  • Sign with company name
  • Cleaning

Classic stand suits you if you like to have a stand in the lower size range and that can be adapted to your needs, choose a stand from 12 sqm up to 36 sqm.

XL Stand

XL are stands over 36 sqm.

White walls
1 spotlight/4 sqm
1 hockey lamp/10 sqm
2 low chairs
1 low table
Storage room (1×2 m) ink door & lock
Brochure Tower
1 high table
2 high chairs
1 disk
Sign with company name

XL suits you who want a large booth with more advantages. The XL stand gives you greater visibility, makes a bigger impression, can receive more visits, showcase more products and give you the opportunity to have more sales people in place to capture more business.


Here you will find alternative ways to increase your visibility as an exhibitor on site. For example, you can sponsor the entire stage, our visitor lanyards or why not brand the mirrors at the restroom with your most important message?

The possibilities are endless  – Challenge us with a new idea or contact us and we will create a solution for your specific purpose. But do not forget, the sponsorship opportunities are exclusive and limited – there is no time to lose – act directly for the best choices!

Does it sound interesting?

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