With great connection to the industry

Our Advisory Board is based on strong representatives from the packaging industry. A couple of times a year we gather our Advisory Board to make sure that we are on the right track to always be relevant to our exhibitors and visitors. We are extremely proud of our representatives and truly believe in continuously working close to the industry!

Mikael Gällstedt

Business Development Manager
Stora Enso

Business development manager at the innovation center for biomaterial, Division Biomaterials at Stora Enso, with focus on bio based film for packaging.

Maria Svantemark

Sustainability Manager

Maria works as Sustainability Manager for Findus in the Nordic countries, with both strategic and operational responsibility for sustainability work

Per-Stefan Gersbo

Paccedo AB / Nordiske Medier

Per-Stefan Gersbro has over 30 years of experience in the packaging industry and has worked for many international packaging companies and organizations in Belgium, England, Switzerland and Sweden. He was the initiator of Packbridge, where he worked as CEO for 5 years.

Barbro Berggren

Marketing & Communication Director
DS Smith

Barbro Berggren has over 20 years of experience from the industry. Today she is responsible for both internal and external communication at DS Smith.

Allan Dickner

Packaging Manager

Jon Haag

Vice President, Business & Innovation Area Material Transition
RISE, Research Institute Of Sweden

Jon Haag was born in the Capital of Sweden just before the oil crisis in 1973, giving him environmental concerns right from the start. Analytics and chemistry interest lead him to the Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm, Sweden), graduating school in 1997 with a M Sc in Chemical Engineering, Energy and Pulp & Paper.

Jon has gained a multidisciplinary knowledge and experience for over 20 years; environmental technology, energy technology, technical consulting, strategy and management consulting and innovation in practice. Most of the work have been in multinational companies like McKinsey & Co, ÅF Group, BillerudKorsnäs AB and Stora Enso, supporting respect for how different end-users can be and how they value services. He has worked at three start-ups, the last one a design and innovation agency that he founded and led for six years. Recently he has initiated and led New Business Lab and a new Insight Platform for BillerudKorsnäs to find the future solutions of packaging business and solutions for megacities all over the globe.

Today he is Vice President of Business & Innovation area Material Transition at RISE, where we speed up challenge driven innovation within the fields of material use in much more resource efficient manners. Packaging, plastics, textiles and composites are in focus right now for designing for circularity.

Ingrid Lidbäck

Group Marketing & Communication Manager
ÅR Packaging

Ingrid is the marketing and communications manager at AR Packaging. With extensive experience in the packaging industry, she has worked with everything from quality and product development to sales and business development.

Ingrid sees it as a great challenge for the industry to create packaging solutions that meet today’s complex requirements, where a product can safely reach the consumer with maintained quality in a long-term sustainable way.


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