4 october - 5 october 2023 kistamässan

The future of packaging

At Empack Stockholm 2023, packaging trends, new techniques, materials, innovations, packaging solutions and design will be presented. Among leading suppliers and start-ups, we see solutions for the industry’s challenges. On our stages and in conference rooms, we will discuss AI, technology development, end-of-line solutions for trade and 3PL and of course upcoming directives and laws to deal with.

In the packaging industry, the material has an obvious focus, as does the focus on sustainability and circularity. Can packaging be designed from better materials, with smarter design, the total resource consumption will be less. Working for smart use of packaging and packaging materials contributes to reduced climate impact.

It is not the legislation that will drive innovation in sustainability. But, it is the value we create with the products and services delivered.


Empack Stockholm’s focus areas for 2023
Automation- From AI and technology development to end-of-line solutions for trade and 3PL

Innovations – new business models, packaging solutions and materials

Sustainability – Strategies, design and Circularity. New laws & standards












What does tomorrow look like? What challenges do the experts see ahead? What will happen in the future? We don’t have a crystal ball, but the collective competence and experience of the expert panel will be able to give you as an audience important insights. The debate is led by Per-Stefan Gersbro.


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