The future of packaging

Being part of an industry as fluid and dynamic as packaging, it pays to keep your finger on the pulse and know what trends, issues and opportunities are out there.

For 2023 you’ll find a strong focus on sustainability, smart packaging and tech – from the suppliers to the seminars. You’ll hear from the packaging experts at the biggest brands and agencies – This is your chance to be inspired and achieve greatness in your next packaging project.

Richard Lyko

CEO and founder of LYKO

Tom Johnsson

Regional Manager FPS DS Smith, Sweden

E-commerce Packaging trends 2020 and beyond

Sofia Erixson

Packaging Manager, ICA Sverige

Christer Olsson

Appreciated inspirer and the speaker of the year 2019

Life as an "together-project"

Karin Nyberg

Management Consultant & Head of Sustainability, Cartina

Connect digital and sustainable transformation to your business development


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An important part of staying up-to-date with the development of the industry is to be aware of the latest news at the market – that’s why we’ve created a place that makes it easy for you. Discover the latest product news, meet leading suppliers and find useful inspiration.

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We do our best to always provide you with the latest news in the industry to help you develop in your everyday work life. Therefore, we offer a great program focusing on innovation, future and challenges.


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Meet like-minded packaging professionals through networking areas, lunches and round table discussions! This is the place ambitious people come to connect.

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It is something special about seeing materials and products in real life. On site, you can feel and compare all the exciting news that our exhibitors show, and effectively scan the market.

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