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Henrik, founder and head of technology: “Since we started WFI in 2004, growth has always been our driving force”
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Henrik, founder and head of technology: “Since we started WFI in 2004, growth has always been our driving force”

From two persons to a company with 25 employees. That is the short version of what has happened in the last, almost, 20 years. The whole journey does of course hold more to the story.



– When we started in 2004, me as 28 years old and Johan as 23, we had one office each and a small showroom where we displayed our products. Back then, we offered a wide range of classic workshop interior, which has become narrower and more focused on workplaces over time. But the first delivery that we ever made was a complete workshop cabinet with interior in blue RAL 5005. Around the same time as we hired our first employee, we also moved to the building where we are located today. At that time, we only rented the top floor and 900 m2 of warehouse space. Two years later, in 2006, we bought the entire property and since then everything has moved and evolved quite naturally, Henrik (Henke) begins.

Before Henke began his journey with WFI, he studied mechanical engineering in Växjö, worked as a design engineer in a consulting role, and worked with workplace solutions elsewhere for five years.

– I have always been the one to work more with products and the technical parts, while Johan has been more focused on sales and finance. But of course, you naturally become involved with sales as well as we work a lot with customer projects. My working days mainly consists of me getting involved in technical details, usually when it comes to customizations and specific adaptations. In addition to that, there is a lot of customer contact, Henke continues.

– Our ambition has always been to continue building what we stand for and to be the best at what we offer, workplace solutions with focus on logistics and industries. We have managed to achieve growth almost every year since we started, and that has always been our driving force behind the work. We want to grow, and we want to move forward. That is the main goal which is with us subconsciously in everything we do. The business has grown in pace with both customers and products, but we would never be able to succeed with that if we did not have such loyal and dedicated employees, Henke concludes.

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