DESAPAC AB in close cooperation with TECPACK Solutions (Chinas largest manufacturer of Plastic Sleeve boxes and plastic pallets) is offering specialized packaging solutions for the automotive industry.
DESAPAC AB Is the off-spring of Destructor Recycling AB.
We have over the years developed innovative packaging solutions for transport of Large Lithium-ion batteries for wehicles.
Several of the solutions are actually so unique in their design, that they have challenged the whole industry int seeing new possibilities and opportunities to update the use of such packagings. We have influenced rule makers, competitors and customers in their approachon how to use packagings in a more sustainable way. And that is still our main task.

Batteries are becoming a very important part of electric vehicles (EV) and are very sensitive to high mechanical loads (such as collisions).

Due to the large differences in the structure and types of new energy vehicles, there are also obvious differences in the battery pack structure as the core of new energy vehicles.

Today, players in the electric vehicle industry are working on optimizing battery packs designs. With our versatile solutions, we offer a wide range of material options for kinds of designs, enabling most Li-ion battery packaging designs involving cylindrical, pouch or square automotive battery types. The result: improved EV batteries storage and safety, reduced weight and costs.

The DESAPAC – TECPACK team optimized the assembly strategy and positioning scheme based on the characteristics of our clients new energy batteries.

DESAPAC – TECPACK used a customized blister pallet to limit the new energy lithium batteries very tightly, no more spaces, which avoids battery shaking that might withstand impact during transportation, At the same time, the standard sleeve boxes 1200×1000 (48*40″”) are used as an outside package, so they are suitable for various types of transportation.


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