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Staff with Rebl Workmate – Automation as a Service

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Everybody deserves a efficient, appreciated and knowledgable workmate – Rebl is a staffing company for robots where our Rebl workmate can support your business with everything from tasks such as picking, sorting, kitting, sanding, grading to tasks and assignments specialized for your business.

Reduce cost and improve efficiency by moving from traditional staffing. Our Rebl Workmates reduce all from heavy lifting too dangerous and tedious tasks increasing your employee satisfaction and end-result.

Configure and train your future colleague and have Rebl Workmate in production within a couple of weeks.

Rebl Workmate package contains:
Rebl App & Rebl Ctrl – Rebl software for skills configuration and robot communication
Tooling for assignment
UR – robot
3D vision camera
Movable robotplattform

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