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Kubo – The Four-Way Box For Heavy Weights

Automotive: New development from Craemer as an alternative to the metal grid box

In the automotive industry, a smooth internal material flow is one of the essential factors for efficient production. The Craemer Group is one of the leading international automotive suppliers with its large-scale production of metal automotive modules and plastic load carriers. To ensure smooth (intra-)logistics in the industry, the plastics pioneer is launching a new development: Kubo, a robust four-way box made of high-quality polyethylene (PE) as an alternative to the metal grid box (gitterbox).

Kubo is compatible with metal gitterboxes (Gibo) and is suitable for both, alternative and parallel use. With the same external dimensions (1240 x 835 x 970 mm / internal dimensions: 1132 x 732 x 831 mm), it has a volume of approximately 610 litres; with a tare weight of 51 kilograms (including front drop door), it has a stacking load of 3000 kilograms, a payload of 1000 kilograms and a dynamic load of 2100 kilograms. The design is based on the UIC-435-3 (International Union of Railways) and/or DIN 15155/8 standards. The four feet are designed as exchangeable corner columns. Craemer’s new Kubo four-way box runs maintenance-free and trouble-free on all conventional conveyor systems and is suitable for automated high-rack warehouses.

In addition to the advantages offered by the PE material – protected contents thanks to the closed walls, low tare weight and therefore more cost-effective empty transport (approximately 25 % less weight than gitterboxes) – the Kubo boasts enormous stability and excellent stackability. The stacking height of two Kubo boxes is 1940 millimetres; a maximum of three plastic boxes can be stacked on top of each other with a full payload of 1000 kilograms per box. As with the gitterbox, the top edges provide ideal stacking surfaces.

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