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Climator Sweden AB

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ClimSel System is a solution for temperature-stable transport using ClimSel as the key component. The solution is fully adapted to each cargo’s requirements for temperature range, transport time-frame and the expected ambient temperature.

This is done using a “shell” as an outer box to protect against shocks and contaminants. In this “shell”, a box is placed made from insulating material in which ClimSel shields are used to line the bottom of the box and the inside of its walls. The cargo is then placed in the box and the thermal microclimate is completed when a final ClimSel shield is placed on top. The box is then sealed with its lid and the outer box lid. The result is a customized microclimate the end-user can rely on, both from a temperature and time perspective.

Thanks to ClimSel, and its ability to create microclimates, different products with different temperature sensitivities can be shipped in one and the same shipment – by car, goods vehicle, ship or plane. The duration of maintained temperature is within the range of 24 -120 hours.

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