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Jungheinrich Svenska

Jungheinrich Svenska


Jungheinrich is one of the world’s leading suppliers of intralogistics, with an extensive product range in material handling, automated warehouse systems and intralogistics solutions. Jungheinrich offers its customers everything from a single truck to large new “turnkey” warehouses. Jungheinrich are experts in tailoring intralogistics solutions for companies so that they are equipped for the challenges of Industry 4.0.

About Jungheinrich Svenska AB:
Jungheinrich Svenska AB was founded in 1958 and is wholly owned by the German parent company Jungheinrich AG. The Swedish head office is in Arlöv, just north of Malmö. Regional offices with showrooms are also located in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Örebro. Please visit www.jungheinrich.se for more information and offers.


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