4 october - 5 october 2023 kistamässan

CHIC & BASIC 2010, S.L.
CHIC & BASIC 2010, S.L.

CHIC & BASIC 2010, S.L.


Our company was born from our concern to develop more and more sustainable products with the protection of the environment and in this way to contribute to the reduction of polluting elements. And that’s why we opted for a by-product called BAGASSE.
Sugar cane is a fast-growing plant, therefore it does not involve the felling of our forests, in fact it is an environmentally sustainable alternative in the manufacture of paper since it requires less energy compared to the traditional production from wood fibres. It is fully recyclable, and is used in the production of building materials, packaging and disposable tableware.
This fibrous and natural residue is transformed in a simple, fast and practical way into a 100% renewable and compostable product.


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